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Interesting mathematical tips for children

Parents have the better opportunity and responsibility for nurturing their children. This nurturing process take place in several areas of development like physical, emotional, intelligence and intellectual. Like reading any other subjects, mathematics is a subject that is indeed necessary for functioning adequately in society. More than that, mathematics is a subject that is more enjoyable except all these. Many parents assume that mathematical ability is just some kind of ability, some children have it and some children don’t have this ability. So, results shows that most of the children don’t do really well in math subject.


Math is a skill that takes a lot of brain power to master. Your children can be experienced this as hard work. Many studies shows that some people experiencing physical pain while doing math. These parents tend to tell their children that mathematics is hard as they relieve their own experience as their children struggling with formulas, exponents, and equations. So the children pick up this assertiveness and live their lives believing that mathematics is tough and they have to face their academic lives.

Parents think that if their children survive in modern life, they should being skillful or at least competent in math. They use math as daily as figure out personal finance, construction projects, cooking and shopping, engineering, high technology and other in demand careers requires above average math skills. Even today, non-math careers also requires that employees have sharp analytical and reasoning skills that are developed when brains are trained in math.

Children’s first teachers are their parents which play an important role in children’s attitude in learning math. Parents who engage in mathematical talk will provide their children with a solid mathematical foundations for later achievements. Parents who explain to their children about numbers and altitudinal relationships by way of gestures and words tend to instill better mathematical skills at early age.

Children are more amenable to The learning lab when it is associated more with play other than with work, so it is a good idea for parents to expose their children to do math in fun and interesting ways. This is the challenge for the parents to figure out ways on how to create simple interactions and early learning activities to serve as foundations of their children to enjoy.

There are some tips which parents can follow to make math interesting and more enjoyable for their kids.

  1. Math is game:As parents, make children reflectthat math is not work but it is a game that can be played like computer games, sports games, fun board games and many others. So parents should use digital games, apps and many websites as resources for making math a game.
  2. Mathematical activities:Parents need to find out what activities that your children enjoy and integrate math into it. For example, if your children are sports fun, teach them about the numbers used in sports such as scores, batting average, percentage of wins etc.
  3. Appreciation and rewards:Give appreciation and rewards of your children when they are mastered in the mathematical skills like counting, doing addition, multiplication, subtracting and division the numbers.